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Cosmic ‘Winter’ Wonderland

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Spring 2018 phy2400

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First report Thu 18 January 2018 spitwad[edit]

In the Basketball and spit wad lab. We are measuring velocity per time in seconds. Everyone in the lab had their own job to do. One person oversaw the basketball. They had to keep the ball moving at a constant speed by hitting it with a meter stick. Another person was the timer and they had to time for the spit wad people. The spit wad people needed to shoot a spit wad every second to mark where the basketball was at. After everyone threw their spit wad we marked the furthest distance from the origin. We then used the data to make a scatterplot and then found the best line which showed the acceleration of the basketball.

interval t (sec) v(ft/s) ft in
0 0
'0-1 0.5 2 1
'1-2 1.5 6 10
'2-3 2.5 9 6
'3-4 3.5 8 6
'4-5 4.5 14 7
'5-6 5.5 10 5